China revealed the secret of the alien structure built on the moon

Exploration of space is no longer a pipe dream, and China has already begun to play its cards. The People’s Republic of China has demonstrated an advanced space exploration strategy that began in 2017 and will culminate in 2022 with the first man landing on Mars.

China plans to examine the lunar landscape in the dark portion of the moon with the space mission Chang’e 4 (later Chang’e 5) and establish a permanent base that will act as a station or intermediary for a potential voyage to the red planet.A Chinese mission to the far side of the moon may have unearthed the secrets of the moon’s mantle.

The mission sent a lander to the largest crater in the solar system, where an impact likely sent fragments of the mantle flying to the moon’s surface. The new research may be the best look yet at the second layer of Earth’s natural satellite, which remains largely mysterious.

The moon, like Earth, has a crust, mantle and core. The crust is made of plagioclase, or aluminum silicate, but the mantle’s composition has remained mysterious — neither the U.S. Apollo program nor the Soviet Luna missions in the 1960s and 1970s managed to bring back any rock samples containing mantle material.

China has accomplished something that no one else, including NASA, has been able to do. That is, to demonstrate to the rest of the world what the Moon’s dark side looks like. And the pictures are really disturbing.

The Chang’E-4 lunar lander, sent to the far side of the moon by China earlier this year, may finally be getting a peek at the mysterious mantle. Some of the first measurements sent back by the lander’s moon rover suggest that the massive South Pole-Aitken crater contains fragments of the moon’s upper mantle. [Top 10 Amazing Moon Facts]

The Chang’e 4’s key mission is to research the Moon’s surface in order to construct a base. The next goal is to return as much data as possible to Earth.

To begin with, we all consider the Moon’s surface to be bright, owing to all of NASA’s public imagery and photographs depicting it as such.

Nonetheless, we can see that the Moon’s atmosphere is not that dissimilar to that of our world. We can see that the sand is brown and yellowish in colour, rather than white or grey. Why would NASA want to tamper with those images? Was it attempting to conceal something?

Take a glance at the photos below to see how we can find out the answers to those questions. If we can see, the land’s colour isn’t the only troubling aspect that we can admire. A unusual phenomenon can seen in the distance if we look closely at the images.

It has certain odd characteristics, as we can see. These systems well defined and do not seem to normal in any way.

As we all know, nature is unpredictable and lacks fixed angles and mechanisms. So the only plausible reason for such structures is that they belong to an alien race or were designed by NASA itself. What’s to stop you?

If this is why the photographs of the Moon they present have been manipulated. This is the most likely scenario because, as far as we can see, the structures’ style is much more akin to that of human-built structures.

The enigmatic structures were filmed by space-chasing hunter Streetcap1, and we can see them in greater detail via its YouTube page.

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