Chimpanzee mother ran away to hug her baby after being separated for 2 days, causing heated discussions

The moment a mother chimpanzee reunited with her baby after 2 days of isolation for emergency surgery touched many.

The tender moment a mother chimpanzee rushes to hug her baby after undergoing emergency surgery after two days of isolation at a zoo in Kansas, US.

Tinh tinh mẹ Mahale ngay khi thấy con nó vội vàng chạy đến, bế con, ôm lấy con. 

As soon as the chimpanzee mother Mahale saw her baby, she rushed to pick it up and held it in her arms.

It is understood that this is the first time chimpanzee mother Mahale hugged her newborn baby. Mother-child isolation was required because the mother chimpanzee had to be delivered by emergency caesarean section due to complications during labor. Medical staff moved the mother chimpanzee, Mahale, to a separate area, while the calf was taken to intensive care.

The heartwarming moment of a mother chimpanzee’s reunion with her newborn baby is perfectly captured. The viral video shows chimpanzee mother Mahale rushing towards her baby as soon as she sees it, hugging her baby and hugging her. The newborn baby is a male named Kucheza, which means “to play” in Swahili.

At first, Mahal did not recognize the newborn baby lying in the blanket. The mother chimpanzee sat quietly for a while. After a few seconds, the baby chimpanzee Kucheza raised her arm to get the mother’s attention. Only then did Mahale react and ran to hug her baby.

The chimpanzee mother hugged her newborn son tightly, and the love she showed while embracing the baby was touching. Mother and daughter rest in their cages at the Kansas Zoo.

The Bedgwick, Kansas zoo shared a video on social media celebrating the birth of Kucheza, a male chimpanzee.

A zoo representative said: “Nearly 2 days later, Mahale and Kucheza were reunited. Mahale, the mother chimpanzee, had complications during labor and had to be sent for an emergency caesarean section and monitored after birth. The new baby chimpanzee was born. But he was not able to breathe on his own, and paramedics were caring for him until he was reunited with his mother.”

A zoo worker hailed the arrival of the chimpanzee mother in a short video posted on social media: “Well done Mahale!”

Sedgwick Zoo is a not-for-profit organization with 3,000 animals of nearly 400 species.

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