The Mystery of The Lightning Capital of the World, Where Lightning Strikes Almost 300 Days a Year in Venezuela

The Maracaibo Lake in Venezuela is known to be the most hit land in the world. On average, it receives about 1.2 million lightning strikes each year. The Guinness Book of Records once recorded this place with lightning appeared 300 nights / year.

Specifically, Catatumbo lightning occurs mainly at the mouth of the Catatumbo River – the area that discharges into Lake Maracaibo.

According to experts, lightning appeared in the land that was “hit” by the sky with the highest frequency and number in the world.


On average, lightning occurs about 140 – 160 nights / in, 10 hours / day and 28 times / minute. In recent years, Catatumbo lightning is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records with the lightning record appearing 300 nights / year.


With such a large number of lightning strikes, Lake Maracaibo became the world’s only troposphere ozone-generating site.

Lightning is visible at Lake Maracaibo when standing more than 400 km from the area.


The lightning in Maracaibo Lake also attracts attention when there are many different colors such as red, pink, orange, purple …

The reason the lightning strikes at Lake Maracaibo are so colorful comes from the humidity of the air.


If the air humidity is high, the water droplets in the air are very small. Since then, the lightning has a vibrant and eye-catching color.

When the humidity is lower, the lightning will be white instead of red, orange, or purple.


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