I found Morris at a rescue shelter and when I brought him home, Champy insisted on becoming his best buddy. Morris jumped up on his back and he happily took him for rides around the paddock. Now it’s become their morning ritual.

Morris typically jumps on from a fence post which has now been dubbed his “bus stop.”

If Champy sees Morris waiting at a “bus stop,” he comes on over for him to jump on board. They often greet each other before Morris jumps on. Champy is a very friendly bus.

Here’s Morris jumping on at the Champy bus stop

Favorite place to relax and spend some lazy time

They have several different bus stops, where Morris waits for Champy

Snuggle time is always a must

Here we see Champy wanting to sleep a little bit more, but Morris is not having it

What a way to start the day! Meeting at the bus stop at sunrise

Morris also loves a good sunset horse ride

Sweater weather

This is how we celebrated Halloween

Here’s some videos of these two and their morning rituals