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Meet Bell-the cat has a squirrel-like majestic fluffy tail

For most of us, autumn is the season of playing outdoors, going for evening strolls, watching those pretty leaves fall down, and watching squirrels rustle and bustle among those leaves. So naturally, when we heard about this cat with a tail of a squirrel, we were more than happy to find more about her.

This little beauty is named Bell, and her bushy, puffy, and fluffy tail has brought her over 160,000 followers on Instagram.

Currently, Bell is 3 years old and will turn 4 in May. She’s from Japan and loves to dress up, and as soon as her photos are posted, she garners thousands of likes online with her unique beauty.

Bell’s owner ricorico_rico has more than 153,000 people following the antics of their pets on Instagram. Not going to lie, folks, Bell’s friends are just as adorable, too. And the videos of them all playing around together made us smile.

The Minuet cats are distinctively short, which is why they’re named after Napoleon Bonaparte. But even though many of these cats have short legs, some will be born with long legs while still retaining all other unique physical features of the breed.

“The thick coat of a Minuet cat can be long or short, but it is always lush and soft. The shorthaired cats have dense and plush fur, while the longhaired kitties in this breed will have a straight coat that is also soft but has a thick undercoat.”

Minuet cats are affectionate and social, and they love to be around people. Like Persians, these cats are gentle, but they also have the curiosity and energy that typically comes with a Munchkin.

Because of their high energy levels, they love to play. So, they should be in households that nurture playfulness with plenty of attention and toys.

Napoleon cats are incredibly healthy. That’s mostly because Minuets were bred to avoid the various health defects that Persian cats have, such as the excessive formation of tears, the blockage of tear ducts, flattened faces, and fur coats that have a tendency towards matting.

Bell’s tail is larger than the average Minuet cat, and she has a soft pearl-colored coat, so being that majestic and attractive, she stands out and attracts more attention than other cats on the Internet.

Do you happen to own a Minuet cat or know someone that does? Can you share anything about raising them, what they like and dislike? If so, we’re eagerly waiting to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!

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