Cat Giving Birth to 5 Kittens With Complete Different Color (video)

For those of us who want children, we can’t help but have an idea of how many and what sex we want. After all, daydreaming about the future is perfectly natural.

But, as most of us know, things don’t always turn out the way we plan …

When Belly the cat became pregnant, she took her job very seriously. But it wasn’t just Belly who was preparing for the big day – her owner was also happy to expand the family with several cute kittens.

As always, you expect the babies to be a mirror image of the mother or the father, but that wasn’t the case this time. I think it’s safe to say nobody saw what was going to happen when Belly set out to give birth …

According to her owner, Belly was one and a half years old when she was to give birth to her first litter.

Her owner, Merven, got Belly in 2016, when she was suffering from depression. She felt that life was hopeless – she could hardly get up in the morning. But when her friends suggested that Merven get a cat, everything changed.

Belly came into Merven’s life and helped her heal, mentally and physically. She became the engine that pulled Merven out of the darkness.

And if that wasn’t enough, Belly would offer a truly amazing surprise when she was expecting kittens.

Merven decided to record the birth. Belly’s look before the first contractions almost sounded like she was saying, “Now,” to alert her owner the labor and delivery process was about to begin.

The fact Belly’s letting Merven pet her pregnant belly shows how much she loves and trusts her.

But let’s watch what happens…

Amazing watch! Momma did great and so did her hooman. I love how much she trusted her hooman with her newborns and trusted to keep her and her babies safe for the delivery!

This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen 😊 She was like one of the calmest cats ever giving birth.

Nothing can compare to the love of a mother and her child … whether it is a human being or animal – share this wonderful video on Facebook if you agree!


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