Casting The Lion King- The Cutest Things We Have Ever Seen

Sometimes you just need a little (or a lot) of cute, and bringing the cute this week is a kitten dressed up as a lion. Because, honestly, what’s cuter than a cat dressed like a lion?!

This little kitten named Julion is so, so adorable. Nothing makes our hearts quite as happy as this Instagram famous cat dressed like a lion on the beach… for no apparent reason.

We can’t lie, though. We’re here for cat owners randomly dressing their kitties like lions! It’s precious AF, and if you have a fuzzy friend who digs it, why not?!

How ridiculously cute is this kitten dressed up as a lion?!

Plus, Julion also adventured to the desert in a lion costume, because, hey. Life is rough sometimes. Why not dress up and hit up some sand?

Julion watching the sunset is about as epic as it gets.

And, okay, honestly, we know we’re not the only ones who want to steal this look for our own cats.

Here’s how you can turn your own cat into a lion!


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