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Car Paralyzes Dog As She Goes into Labor, Mama And Baby Cling-On and Ask For Prayer

One thing is certain. Nothing beats a mother’s love. It was hard for a dog named Flower to get the basics, writes ilovemydogsomuch. It was hard to find adequate food and shelter.

But Flower was hit by a car, which severely damaged her hip and back leg. The dog lay down in pain, and while she waited for the pain to subside, something unusual happened.

Flower gave birth! Although she couldn’t move, she tried to take care of her new babies. She did her best to clean the puppies and breastfeed them. But their injuries were serious. Flower struggled, and the puppies didn’t make it.

Miraculously, a local rescue worker heard about the dog and her cubs and rushed to help them. Flower was taken to the nearest veterinary clinic and underwent a six-hour operation.

While Flower continued to rest and recover, another beautiful dog took care of the puppies. Although she was not their biological mother, she suckled the puppies and loved them.

Although Flower had a successful operation and her health improved, her story is far from over. Due to infections and lack of medical attention, two of the three puppies died.

It is heartbreaking and all those who came into contact with Flower are grieving for these precious souls.

There is only one puppy left, but he is sick too. Flower is still recovering, but without her baby. Her puppy must stay in intensive care.

It is a miracle in itself that Flower and her baby have survived. As they both fight for their lives, they need our prayers. Can you send them some?

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