The Mystery Of The Blue-eyed ‘Bloodsucking Monster’ In Texas

Nutritionist Phylis Canion found the carcass of an animal that looks like a dog but has strange blue eyes on the side of the road near his farm in Texas, USA.

In the opinion of most zoologists, the legendary blood-sucking monster Chupacabra is a fictional animal, created by the human imagination. But when living evidence of the corpse of a strange creature with blue eyes appeared, people had a different view of this unsolved mystery.

The strange creature is said to be the blood-sucking monster Chupacabra with blue eyes.

The strange creature is said to be the blood-sucking monster Chupacabra with blue eyes.

Although this strange creature has a somewhat dog-like appearance, Ms. Canion also claims to have never seen an animal like it. It weighs more than 18 kg, has blue eyes and a protruding nose. The skin of the animal also does not have the characteristics of a dog or a wolf, but is especially similar to the epidermis of an elephant’s skin.

At the same time Mrs. Canion found the carcass of this strange animal, she was also trying to find out the cause of the death of the chickens on her farm. Most of the dead chickens were bitten on the neck and had the phenomenon of being drained of blood.

Ms. Canion confirmed that the culprit who sucked the blood of the chickens was the animal with the other blue eyes. Besides the judgment of some experts that it was just a dog with scabies, Mrs. Canion still trusted her feelings. She then conducted research on this strange creature.

The dead creature was dried and stuffed.

The dead creature was dried and stuffed.

Numerous DNA test results have been released, suggesting that this may be a cross between a female North American wolf and a male Mexican wolf. Ignoring those confirmations, the nutritionist said that there are many other factors that make the test results unreliable.

It has skin like that of an elephant and is hairless like a dog.

It has skin like that of an elephant and is hairless like a dog.

For example, this blue-eyed “dog” has 3 front toes while the North American wolf or Mexican wolf has 4. In addition, it only has 4 nipples while most canidae have. from 8-10 knobs. Ms. Canion also discovered two pouches on the tail that had not yet decomposed.

With years of dedication, Ms. Canion is still absolutely convinced that the blue-eyed “dog” she found is the characteristic of the legendary blood-sucking monster Chupacabra that often appears in East Texas and Southern Oklahoma. at dawn or dusk.

Nutritionist Phylis Canion.

Nutritionist Phylis Canion.

Currently, the body of the “monster” believed to be Chupacabra has been dried and preserved at Mrs. Canion’s house.

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