Bizarre 2 feet long creature with green fur was found in the swamps of Thailand

A video of a mysterious ‘furry green’ snake has netizens baffled. The ‘furry’ snake was spotted in a swamp in Thailand.

The video shows the creature moving inside a vessel in a zig-zag мคหner while its fur align to the movement.

A 49-year-old local, Tu, spotted the two-feet long creature slithering in dirty water near his home in Sakhon Nakhon province on February 26, as per Yahoo Australia.

“I have never seen a snake that looked like this before. My family and I thought it would be useful to let people find out what it is and research about it,” Tu’s 30-year-old niece was quoted as saying by Yahoo News.

The furry creature has been kept in Tu’s house, awaiting identification of the creature by authorities.

According to, “Some locals said the furry reptile could be a puff-faced water snake that had moss growing on its body from waiting so long in the swamp to catch its prey in the still, shallow water and rocky crevices.”

“The scales are on top of skin and mostly made of keratin. It’s like having a layer on top of the skin and when they shed they’re shedding the outside of those scales,” Sam Chatfield, snake species coordinator at Wildlife ARC on the NSW Central Coast, was quoted as saying by Yahoo News Australia .”Next т¡мe it sheds it (the algae layer) will come off,” Chatfield added.

The mildly venomous water snakes are generally dark brown to black in colour. Their distinctive feature is the pattern on top of their broadhead. Different variants of this species are found in India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, as per The Science т¡мes.

So could this be a previously undiscovered species, a deliberate hoax, or is something else going on?

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