Biologist: “Aliens are advanced forms of human beings that lived underwater long before humans existed” – Icestech

Biologist: “Aliens are advanced forms of human beings that lived underwater long before humans existed”

And if the aliens really have underwater bases on Earth, how long ago were they built?

It is likely that UFOs so often follow American warships for a reason – huge aircraft carriers themselves look formidable and impressive, and if they are also located near the alleged underwater UFO bases, then aliens have something to worry about.

Taking into account that UFO sightings by American sailors in most cases were made at those moments when aircraft carriers were on exercises near the coast of the United States, and accord ing to numerous abductees, the UFO submarine bases where they were moved are not somewhere in the far part of the ocean, as well as not far from the coast, this theory has the right to exist.

Of course, there is information about the existence of probable UFO submarine bases in мคหy places on our planet, but for some reason, there are especially мคหy of them near the US coast. This may simply be a feature of the statistics because there are more American UFO researchers than ufologists from other countries, or maybe there is something else.

Underwater UFO Bases

If we assume that UFOs belong to beings that have been on Earth for мคหy thousands, or even millions of years, then they were here long before the appearance of people and the ancestors of people, and, in this case, the development of мคหkind as a species took place before their eyes. And America is the last continent (not counting of course Antarctica), inhabited by people.

Thus, having moved their underwater bases to the shores of America in т¡мe, these creatures could observe people from a very convenient place for a long т¡мe, remaining as unnoticed as possible.

An interview with American ufologist Anna Whitty was recently published in the British tabloid Daily Star in connection with the release of a new documentary on the Roswell incident, “Roswell 75: The Last Evidence” (premiered July 7 on BLAZE). And Whitty stated that aliens are possibly an “advanced form of humans” that hail from Earth and have “always been here” living underwater.

According to Whitty, she studied the testimony of nurse Shirley Wright in great detail, who allegedly accompanied Albert Einstein to a military base, where they were both shown the bodies of dead aliens (and one survivor) from a ship that crashed in 1947 near Roswell in New Mexico. We previously published an article about this curious story.

Whitty says that Shirley was able to communicate with the surviving creature because they understood and could speak English. And at some point, this creature very interestedly asked Shirley about how far people “penetrated into the ocean”


If what Shirley said is true, then these ‘aliens’ are probably not visiting us from another planet, but from somewhere deep in the water,” says Whitty.

Whitty also believes that these creatures are actually not aliens at all, but appeared on Earth as a huмคห race and at some point simply went underwater in order to hide or protect themselves from something.

According to Whitty, they may have been fleeing the inevitable cataclysms that begin to haunt the developed civilization of people at a certain moment in the development of their society and “throwback” them into the “Stone Age”.

Whitty believes that having gone underwater in т¡мe and radically changed their lifestyle, these creatures were able to avoid such a fate, which is why they are now far ahead of us in technology, and maybe even in the capabilities of their body and mind.

“It is also possible that they are not at all what they seem to us, but they can make you think that you are seeing something that is not reality.”

As to why these creatures are now chasing people, Whitty thinks they want to change something in our behavior and help our development, perhaps so that we can avoid that very crisis that made them go underwater.

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