A Three-Meter Human-like Monster Is Spotted Shuffling Through the Desert — Bigfoot or Alien? (VIDEO)

BIZARRE footage of a man-like creature wandering the plains of a desert has left the internet baffled.

The odd beast can be seen walking slowly for a few brief seconds before disappearing behind a bush.

Filmed in Portugal, some have compared the creature’s movements to that of Bigfoot.

Its hind legs give it a human-like quality, but the hunched back and long arms mimic that of the legendary creature.
In the clip, the creature appears to be over six-feet tall and walks with a stooped back, very long arms and a pair of legs.
To prove the veracity of the video, the camera then pans to show the reveal of the rest of the desert, more birds and a parked car.

When the camera returns the creature doesn’t stick around and quickly disappears behind a large bush and never reappears.

Others have suggested it could be the mythical chupacabra.

The myth of the chupacabra first began in Puerto Rico, after farmers found their goats drained of blood.

The clip – posted on YouTube – has gone viral after being viewed more than 200,000 times.

But some viewers were left sceptical on whether the footage had been faked.
The video has sparked a heated online debate as sceptics labelled the footage fake while others struggled to explain it beyond pointing towards aliens or mythical creatures.

One commented: “Extremely poor camera quality. I don’t believe it.”

Another added: “Funny how you can never get a clear picture of these so-called alien sightings.

“Hard for anyone to believe them when it happens all the time.”

Some did believe in the footage however. “Looks like a bald Bigfoot,” one user wrote.
It is not the first time people believe they have spotted mythical creatures.

In jaw-dropping aerial footage, a giant hairy-looking creature was seen in the US state of Idaho, again prompting comparisons to Bigfoot.

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