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“BEARY” amazing photo of Cubs waiting for Momma to bring them supper

A picture’s worth a thousands words 🥰

“BEARY” amazing photo of Cubs waiting for Momma to bring them supper.
And this Mum will never let her kids down. She is built to protect her kids with her life!🧡
This pair of bear cubs holding hands is definitely a sight to behold. Fortunately, Lewis Kemper – a wildlife photographer was at the right place the right time to capture some incredible snaps.
They’re probably praying for their mom to have the best catch of her life.
They’re with her in spirit.😍

The 62-year-old California-based photographer was in Lake Clark National Park when spotted the adorable scene. Two cubs were holding their hands while watching the mama bear trying to get the supper.
The two bears held hands for around 20 seconds, they hoped their mother would bring them some dinner but “unfortunately”, she came back fishless.
Although bears love their fish, most of them are omnivores and mainly eat plants and of course, a lot of grass.
Look after each other 💗😊

They do have feelings they know mom, and see her going off, so they hold on for security, cause they know their siblings. That’s love nature’s way! 🧡💚💙
So very innocent, and undeniable cute! 😘
That’s one of the most precious wildlife photos I’ve ever seen – absolutely adorable ❤️❤️❤️

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