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A Little Orphan Bat Finds the Right Mother for Him

It’s unclear why a little orphaned bat ended up without its mother at such a young age, but it was fortunate to find the right person to help it develop. Dr. Karin Lourens, the director of the Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital in South Africa, took it upon herself to look after him and provide him with the necessary housing.

The newborn bat is about the size of a finger on your hand, and caring for it properly is a difficult undertaking. However, you must ensure that the little animal obtains all of the nutrition it requires to thrive, and Karin serves as the mother in this regard.

A Little Orphan Bat
A Little Orphan Bat

Karin assumes all of the responsibilities of a real mother, which is a challenging undertaking that involves feeding sessions every hour of the day. Karin uses a make-up sponge that she moistens with milk and absorbs her meal to feed the baby bat.

A Little Orphan Bat
A Little Orphan Bat

Taking care of the little animal needs a great deal of love, patience, and commitment, not to mention the fact that it will not be the only patient for long.

Orphan Bat

Karin chose to take in two additional baby bats rescued by volunteers shortly after the bat arrived at the hospital. She’s got her hands full now, and she’s devoting all of her time to taking care of the small ones so that they can move ahead.

Despite Karin’s and her organization’s best efforts, these three newborns are only the top of the iceberg. Every year around this time, Karin and her team rescue and care for hundreds of orphaned young bats found in the wild.

They are provided refuge and required care 24 hours a day after being rescued, which they would have got from their moms in a different environment.

A Little Orphan Bat

They ultimately mature into enormous, powerful creatures that are gradually reintroduced into the wild to live a normal existence.

Karin and her colleagues put in a tremendous amount of work to support these newborns, and they know it pays off.

According to Karin, who spoke to The Dodo,

“I’ve done this hundreds of times, and I’m still shocked at how incredible they are.” They are small, flawless individuals with distinct personalities.

Karin and her medical staff receive a prize for each bat baby they save, which is the opportunity to observe them return to their natural home.

Karin had this to say:

«I’m a huge fan of bats. They are often misunderstood and have a terrible image, although they play a critical role in the environment.


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