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Bangladesh Purchases 36 F-7BGI Planes From China To Increase Military Supplies

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Posted On September 1, 2022

Bangladesh Purchases 36 F-7BGI Planes From China To Increase Military Supplies

China has long endeavoured to become a significant exporter of defence goods to nations bordering India, such as Bangladesh and Pakistan.

A multi-role capable aircraft called the F-7 BGI is made in China by Chengdu Aircraft Corporation. It was specifically created to satisfy the Bangladesh Air Force’s need for a multi-role fighter aircraft that was affordable. According to reports, it is the most modern F-7 fighter aircraft ever.

Bangladesh’s F-7 BG has been modified with J-7G technology. The J-7G it is derived from, the F-7 BGI (I for Improved), is in fact more advanced than other less expensive and inferior export variants of J-7G. Improvements from the F-7 BGI over the F-7BG, such as three MFDs and a more potent fire control radar, would eventually be incorporated into the J-7G2. The modifications described below enhanced the capability of the F-7 BGI over the older F-7BG, and the supply of 16 of these fighter aircraft was agreed upon in 2011 and completed in 2013. Even with the most recent J-7 technology, this aircraft lacks the ability to carry any BVR missiles and, like previous J-7s, is only equipped with short-range, infrared homing air-to-air missiles.

* The Mach 2.2 top speed of the F-7 BGI

* 5 Hard-points for drop tanks, laser-guided bombs, and air-to-air missiles

* Completely glass cockpit

* The F-7 BGI has KLJ-6F radar.

* F-7 BGI (82 kN) thrust with afterburner

* The J-7G2 aircraft used by the F-7 BGI has double delta wings. As a result, the lift at high angles of attack is enhanced, and stalling is postponed or avoided.

* G-limit: +/- 8 grammes

* F-7 BGI service ceiling: 17,500 m (57,420 ft)

* 3 HUDs with multiple functions and HOTAS

* Said to be more agile than the majority of Mig21s and many other modern fighters

* The PL-5, PL-7, and possibly the PL-9 short-range air-to-air missiles can be mounted on the F-7 BGI.

* Capable of transporting 3000 pound bombs and unguided rocket pods, including Chinese laser-guided munitions

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