At The Shelter A Cat Looking For A Forever Home Waves To Everyone Who Passes By.

Mayhem, a ginger tabby that resides at Lollypop Farm in Fairport, New York, is a friendly, charming, and energetic cat.

The 2-year-old feline has charmed everyone at the animal welfare center, so staff have given him his own room and filled it with toys, towers, and cardboard boxes galore to keep him happy.

Mayhem, on the other hand, is grateful for all the love and care he’s receiving, and all he wants is to find a permanent family.

And he’s made the decision to take action.

The door leading into Mayhem’s room is made out of glass, and he’s always keeping an eye out for people walking past.

Whenever he spots a person walking by, he paws at the glass and waves at them as if he’s asking them to come in and play.

Mayhem enjoys nothing more than interacting with people, and he is always bringing them into his room for some intense play sessions.

Mayhem enjoys playing with cat toys, especially those on a wand with a string, according to Lollypop Farm.

Mayhem is an extremely energetic cat that requires a lot of stimulation to stay happy, and the staff is always making time to show him care, attention, and playing.

Mayhem’s long-term objective, though, is to find a family that will last forever.

After being abandoned by his former family, Mayhem relocated to Lollypop Farm in June.

Mayhem, although being misled in this manner, never lost up hope in love.

Mayhem was adopted shortly after arriving at Lollypop Farm. He was unfortunately too energetic for his new family, and he had to be returned to Lollypop Farm.

Mayhem and the Lollypop Staff, on the other hand, are confident that his ideal family exists.

Mayhem has a lot of love to give, and he’ll make the ideal kitten for a family who enjoys keeping him busy and occupied.

Mayhem will liven up any home and make his new family happy and entertained.

For the time being, Mayhem will continue to wave at everyone who passes by his room, trying to attract the attention of his eventual mother or father.

We’re confident he’ll find his forever home soon, especially now that Lollypop Farm has shared a lovely video of the waving kitten, further expanding his reach.

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