Astronomers discover super-Earth with Earth-like orbit


The planet-hunters’ research has been published in The Astronomical Journal, which states that the size and orbit of this planet are comparable to that of Earth.

Astronomers at the University of Canterbury (UC) have found a new “one in a million” Super-Earth planet towards the genre of the galaxy. The planet-hunters’ research has been published in The Astronomical Journal, which states that the size and orbit of this planet are comparable to that of Earth.

The newly discovered planet is among only a handful of extra-solar planets that have been detected with both sizes and orbits close to that of Earth, the researchers said in a press release.

“To have an idea of the rarity of the detection, the т¡мe it took to observe the magnification due to the host star was approximately five days, while the planet was detected only during a small five-hour distortion,” paper’s lead author Dr Herrera Martin of UC’s School of Physical and Chemical Sciences in the College of Science said, describing the planet-finding discovery as incredibly rare.

“Extra-solar planet” is another term for exoplanet, which describes a planet located outside our solar system. We only have artists’ impressions of what these planets might look like, but they continue to fuel our curiosity as we seek out distant worlds that feel familiar.

The newly spotted exoplanet’s year lasts about 617 days and it travels around a much less massive star than the sun. It’s located near the Milky Way’s central bulge of stars. For scale, Earth is about 25,000 light-years away from the galactic center.

“After confirming this was indeed caused by another ‘body’ different from the star, and not an instrumental error, we proceeded to obtain the characteristics of the star-planet system,” he adds.

Size and orbit of the new planetAs per the research, the host star of the new planet is about 10 per cent the mass of our Sun, which in turn makes a ‘year’ on the planet of approximately 617 days. Researchers also said that the new planet would have a mass somewhere between the Earth and Neptune, and would orbit at a location between Venus and Earth from the parent star.

The team didn’t find the super-Earth by directly observing it, nor did they spot it via the transit method or how it interacts with its star. Instead, astronomers discovered the super-Earth by how its host star is warping and magnifying light like a lens, an astronomical phenomenon known as gravitational microlensing.

“The combined gravity of the planet and its host star caused the light from a more distant background star to be magnified in a particular way. We used telescopes distributed around the world to measure the light-bending effect,” explained Dr. Herrera Martin.

Finding a planet thanks to microlensing is extremely rare. Astronomers say that around one in a million stars in the Milky way are affected at any given т¡мe by microlensing effects. What makes this discovery even rarer is the fact that an observation like this does not repeat.

“The probabilities of catching a planet at the same т¡мe are extremely low,” UC astronomers have explained.

“These experiments detect around 3000 microlensing events each year, the majority of which are due to lensing by single stars,” the paper’s co-author Associate Professor Michael Albrow said.

“Dr Herrera Martin first noticed that there was an unusual shape to the light output from this event, and undertook months of computational analysis that resulted in the conclusion that this event was due to a star with a low-mass planet,” he added.

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