“The Lost Sons of the Anunnaki”: Melanesian Tribe Shares DNA Genes With An Unknown Species

Ryan Bohlender recently issued quite the statement on October 20th, as he came out to state that the people from Melanesia, an area that surrounds Papua New Guinea, might actually not be human after all.

He talked about it in great detail at the American Society of Human Genetics as he came across proof that these Melanesians have a foreign alien gene inside of their DNA which cannot be traced back to our own genome after all.

This proves the fact that this species does not belong to the Neanderthal or the Denisovan class, as it might actually belong to the ancient race of alien deities known as the Anunnaki.

What we know by now is that the Denisovans were the hominid genus beings that actually went extinct a while back on our own planet and these people actually do not belong to their species either.

As a matter of fact, Ryan believes that this discovery might actually prove once and for all that the ancient Sumerians had it right all along. All of the residents of ancient Mesopotamia actually believed in the fact that the ancient civilizations had been visited by the Anunnaki, the residents of the 12th planet from our solar system known as Nibiru.

They had originally arrived on our planet around 432,000 years before Christ and according to most scriptures they had actually created our ancestors, the Giants and apparently, they left off traces of their DNA in the Melanesian’s too.

“Human history is much more complicated than we thought,” Bohlender said.
Oh yes, it is. But piece by piece, the complex past of humanity is brought to light. And discoveries like this seem to point in one direction: we could not be who we think we are. Here’s a quote from the study that I think you’ll appreciate:(Anunnaki)

“With assumptions about population size and the most recent dates of population separation taken from literature, we estimate the date of archaic-modern separation at ~ 440,000 ± 300 years ago for all modern human populations.”

If that number does not ring any bell, let us reiterate the Anunnaki hypothesis. According to the history of Genesis, the twelfth planet, known as Nibiru was populated by humanoids very similar to us humans. After they encountered a severe problem in the atmosphere, they went on a quest through the solar system to find gold, a special metal that could heal their planet.(Anunnaki)

When Nibiru approached Earth’s orbit, approximately 432,000 years before Christ, the Nibiruans used spacecraft to send people and essential goods from their planet to Earth. After reaching the surface, the advanced beings established bases in ancient Mesopotamia.(Anunnaki)

Many believe that this is the true season of creation of humanity – within the laboratories of the Anunnaki geneticists. And this recent study confirms this hypothesis almost daily. It offers a vision that could answer one of our oldest and most important questions: Who are we?(Anunnaki)

In order to obtain the irrefutable solution to this secular enigma, we must dig deeply where no one has dug before. But this is harder to say than to do. Another way to do this would be to analyze the microscopic records that are hidden inside each of us.

The Anunnaki knew that their DNA was the key to the engineering of the ideal slave. In our endless search for our true lineage, we as human beings must do the same.

In a recent effort, another group of scientists came to a similar conclusion. Led by evolutionary geneticist Eske Willerslev of the Natural History Museum in Denmark, scientists examined DNA samples taken from 83 aboriginal Australians.

They also tested 25 participants from native highland populations of Papua New Guinea. To their surprise, the researchers discovered exotic DNA, similar to Denisovan in the genomes of study volunteers.

Keep in mind, the researchers only called it similar to the Denisovan, but in fact, the group that ceded their genes to the ancestors of the participants is completely unknown. “Who this group is we do not know,” Willerslev said. Neither do we, but a particular crowd comes to mind.

It is not difficult to imagine this alternative version of our past. The Anunnaki come to Earth, play to be God and create humanity. Chief scientist Enqi and chief medical officer Ninti use genetic manipulation and in vitro fertilization to create human beings in their own image.

They use humanity to serve their purposes, and when it suits them, they dispense destruction in the form of a flood of Biblical (!) Proportions. Some chosen human beings are protected by a faction of the Anunnaki who decided to go against the protocol. They survive and spread in every corner of the globe.

Thousands of generations pass, and the genomes of those who “socialize” more mingle beyond recognition. But in some places, the flame of the creators still burns. (Anunnaki)

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