Ancient Wheel of Fire Discovered on Mars: Evidence for Alien Civilization?

No wonder NASA wanted to go there. No wonder NASA keeps sending upgraded Rovers to Mars because they keep finding new artefacts and so need to do new scientific experiments and study them. It’s a very, very fair assessment.

What I’ve just written is a fair assumption because it fit’s the description of what NASA has done. Staying with the facts, sticking to the facts with the right answers that fit like a glove speak for themselves. They call that “common sense” and believe me, there’s nothing exaggerated about this because it is simply and literally – it is, what it is!

I’m asking this simple and specific question:

Because I’m seeing evidence of the same stuff we have here on Earth. That’s common sense, right. Believe me I’m not doubting mysef.

My reasoning is because all beings need food right? So farming and cultivation must be inevitable to sustain a large population. Is evolution like ours inevitable for every living, intelligent Alien species?

Because if so then no matter what, we will see pretty much the same artefacts on planet’s once inhabited. So, what we’re seeing here could be replicated on мคหy different planets throughout the universe where you will find the Goldilocks habitable zone.

I mean, the wheel invention was absolutely without a doubt always on the cards. Intelligent beings like to travel so trains, planes and automobiles are one way or the other going to be invented but not necessarily a Ford or a Boeing or a White Star Liner but more than likely a different configuration albeit each has wheels because gravity is universal and the “by far the easiest way to overcome gravity and friction is to attach wheels” especially for heavy objects that need transporting.

In other words, it’s no wonder we’re seeing ancient train wheels on Mars because it’s widely accepted that ancient Mars was alive with life at one point in the ancient past. Train wheels are big, heavy and built to last and no matter which Alien species are making them, Iron is probably going to be used as early мคห didn’t have access to exotic materials so why would others have access to exotic materials early on in their evolution? Especially seeing as though Mars is red because of the massive amount of iron in the atmosphere and in the ground.

You see, rounded off, just saying there was once life on Mars definitely doesn’t do it justice and it can definitely sound bizarre but believe me, there’s a ton of logic gone into the thinking, the opinions and the ideas coming from the research into Mars’ ancient past. And, logically speaking it’s all based on NASA’s own research and their own photographic/video evidence such as this train axle from Mars’ past.

But, did you also know that there’s 100 percent proof that is constantly being found in the “ruins” of ancient Mars which I kid you not, once had an intelligent life force that inhabited the whole planet? No, you don’t believe me… Take a careful look at this little blighter then!

Paranormal Crucible of Youtube (video at bottom of page) States in the video description:

A remarkable im age photographed by mars curiosity rover, appears to show a wheel and axel on the surface of the red planet. As we zoom in, we can clearly see two circular objects in parallel, very similar in design to a wheel and axel. The object, clearly looks out of place in the martian landscape, and is clearly recognizable among the rocks.

As you can see with these filtered images, the object is definitely not natural, and instantly stands out as artificial. Could this be final proof of past life on the red planet. or can the anomaly be explained away, as only tricks of light and shadow.

Michia Kaku has absolutely caught the imagination of the whole world by popularising the types of civilisations (thought up by a whacky scientist) according to the Kardashev scale that are more than likely to be out there.

So, without further ado I’m going to delve right on in to the Michio Kaku (what an all round awesome guy he is) type of civilisation that I believe was living on Mars:I’ll start off with a quote from Michio Kaku himself:Type I civilization would be that of Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon, where an entire planet’s energy resources have been developed. They can control all planetary sources of energy, so they might be able to control or modify the weather at will, harness the power of a hurricane, or have cities on the oceans.

Below image is connected to the Wikipedia link to the Kardashev Scale.

He is proposing that an Alien civilisation could be out there, actually – is more than likely out there and we might be being watched by them (albeit in a round about way and as I’ve interpreted it). And there’s also a likelihood that we wouldn’t even be able to tell or probably even understand what it is they’re doing here and what type of information they’re gathering?

Because their needs, wants and fears might not be as Neanderthal as our own ie war, food and survival. Yes, they are surveying our planet as admitted to (in a round about way) by the US government when they released the 3 UFO videos.

A type 1 civilisation that has mastered the elements, mastered technology, mastered it’s space and all the other things that are needed to be a type 1 civilisation like having evolved to the point where they cannot go any further without actually having to go backwards – just might be on the fringes of the atmosphere in a spaceship that can’t be seen. Take tbis image from the ISS showing a UFO a mile long on the fringe of our atmosphere.

NASA’s always going to be difficult to get any kind of satisfying answers because of the implications of what they say. They’ve had studies done in to what would happen if they announced they were in contact with Extraterrestrial entities. They aren’t going to take any chances when it comes to the disclosure of Aliens because they have a good idea that humans will freak out and revert back in to a Neanderthal and smash up their own homes.

It sounds stupid but there you go, Aliens X disclosure = mayhem. It’s absolutely ludicrous and you know it. People wouldn’t smash up their own home, it would be a shop or a empty building lol.

I can’t write it with a straight face because I honestly think that people aren’t going to riot just because we have neighbours in space, lol. But apparently we can’t handle the truth so we’re going to get disclosure in tiny amounts of data like 3 UAP videos (Mexico UAP also) . The first data bite was to rename it from UFO to UAP.

It’s disclosure so all we can do is accept it. But if you’re like me, make up your own mind. Read, write, talk and get people’s opinions on what makes you believe it?

The UFO reservoir is literally overflowing with unbelievable, bizarre and downright interesting stories. Rather than rely on the media telling you what you should believe in, again I suggest you read, write and talk.

My own beliefs are based on the мคหy different ways that NASA has shown us all the evidence bar the confirmation! But that’s okay because in my own opinion, looking towards the very people that created these conspiracies in the first place like NASA – is insane!

Why would I want an answer or disclosure from the very people that have been covering up the existence of Alien life here on Earth? Seriously, that’s all messed up. I haven’t been against it though and I think it will help a lot of people make up their minds but as far as them being the “be all and end all”, well that’s just upside down and inside out.

I have eye’s, I have a brain, I have reason and I have no intentions whatsoever of being played by the folks at NASA. Other than wanting to know more about life in the Universe and who has been in contact with them, I’d like to know what they look like, what or who they pray to (if at all) and I’d love to hear them speak.

What this Mars train wheels video signifies is that the possibilities of a 50/50 Alien life scenario goes higher. That there is or “was” life on Mars is looking more likely than ever before and undeniable proof that Aliens reigned over Mars and who knows where else – I have to say that I honestly like those odds. I have more than a one in two chances of being right in my beliefs because of this amazing anomaly.

The kind of real evidence that can be analysed or have research carried out on it to determine any number of answers all the way from “where did these train wheels originally come from and what are they made of?” What’s their age and the biggest answer of all could tell us who or what made them!

Here’s Paranormal Crucibles YouTube video all about the train axle found on Mars:

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