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Ancient Giants Are Hibernating In Some Kind Of Resuscitation Capsules On The Inside Of The Hollow Earth

Among most believers, the inside of the Hollow Earth is a lush tropical paradise that very likely houses an advanced race of giants. In most scenarios, the inhabitants are the descendants of ancient races such as the Lemurians or, as in Cluff’s view, the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel, guided there through the North polar opening by God himself.

The perfect climate believed to exist in the Hollow Earth is said to produce animals and people that are larger and far more healthy than those on the surface. “It has a perfect temperature. God made the inner sun so that it provides heat, during the night, and a little bit less at night…Trees grow up to a thousand feet tall. Humans even grow up to 15 feet tall,” Cluff told us.

“Because of the ideal conditions, animal life grows really large also.” This inner world is sometimes called or associated with Agartha, a legendary city at the Earth’s core often tied to Eastern mysticism.

About a century ago, an amazing find was made. A cave under the earth’s surface stored several ancient giants, apparently alive, in some kind of resuscitation capsules.
Corey Goode claims he saw sleeping giants inside a capsule species.

The history of humanity is extremely complex. They have made us believe that the only possible canon is the one they teach us. However, it is already impossible to deny the existence of giant beings in ancient times.

Sleeping giants in resuscitation pods

Whistleblower Corey Goode claims to have spent decades in different US government secret space operations and programs.

During that time, he witnessed a lot of strange happenings and visited places that he didn’t know existed, which were inaccessible to ordinary people.

According to his account, there are sleeping giants inside underground chambers, in a state of stasis, hidden throughout the world.

He stated that during his downtime in the secret space program tasks, from 1987 to 2007, he constantly checked the information on the “intelligent glass pads”.

This was a Wikipedia-type system, to which the personnel of the Solar Warden and other secret space programs had access. There was information about Earth, including ancient finds, extraterrestrial life, and advanced technologies.

Goode claimed to read information about giants that lived on Earth in the remote past. But they are currently “asleep” in capsules as if hibernating.

One of the most important places related to this is an ancient underground chamber where the Anunnaki were kept in a state of suspended animation.

The popularizer commented that the chamber was built by an “ancient race of builders.” Being the giants that are hibernating the last of their kind.
The veracity of Goode’s claims

Are you waiting for the ideal moment to wake up?

At the time of its disappearance, this civilization had technology that was capable of altering the flow of time. Thousands of years could pass, but for the occupant of the capsules, it would only be minutes.

Many questions these statements as Goode did not provide any evidence, beyond his story.

According to him, the smart glass pads also revealed that Abraham Lincoln witnessed one of these hibernating giants. This happened in the ancient mounds that were found in the United States.

This is not entirely wrong. In fact, Lincoln gave a speech in 1848, at Niagara Falls, where he mentions the giants:

“The eyes of that species of extinct giants, whose bones fill the mounds of America, have gazed upon Niagara, as ours do now.”

Obviously, the technology with which these capsules were manufactured is light years away from ours. Therefore, no one has managed to replicate it, despite the fact that it has been present on Earth for thousands of years.

As to the “why” of his hibernation, Goode isn’t entirely sure. However, he believes the answer could lie in the cosmic energies that the solar system is increasingly generating. This is something he says space systems have been keeping a very close eye on.

It is normal to have a certain degree of skepticism in the face of these types of complaints. However, giants are present in our earliest cultures. Our ancestors even reported how they fought against them. Is it possible that some of these specimens are hibernating to wake up at the right time?

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