They discovered an ancient city dating back 200,000 years under the Cuban Sea.

Recently, a couple of marine engineers discovered an ancient city dating back 200,000 years, deep under the Cuban sea.

Marine engineer Pauline Zalitzki and her husband Paul Weinzweig have found an ancient city up to 200,000 years old, located more than 700m below the Cuban seabed. After analyzing the specimen, Manuel Iturralde, a marine geologist, said it took the city about 50,000 years to sink to such a depth.

In particular, there is no civilization in history capable of building such a great city. Scientists speculate that this could be an ancient civilization that was destroyed before being known to mankind.

According to Pauline Zalitzki, this ancient city dates back to the prehistoric period in the Caribbean and Central America. The inhabitants of this city may have belonged to a very advanced ancient civilization, similar to the Teotihuacan culture.

Robert Ballard, Professor and Doctor of Oceanography, believes that this city was created by a civilization outside the Earth. “I would be surprised if it was man-made,” Robert said.

Another theory is that this is the city of Atlantis that the ancient Greek philosopher Plato talked about. This city was destroyed by a violent earthquake and flood 10,000 years ago. So far, there is no scientific explanation for the existence and disappearance of the city of Atlantis. Most likely, it was submerged deep under the sea.

The origin of the ancient city, dating back 200,000 years, is a mystery. Illustration

According to many archaeological documents, the city of Atlantis was a great architectural wonder, consisting of walls and concentric circular canals. The city center is on a big hill. At the top of the hill is the temple of Poseidon, a god of the sea.

About 9,000 years ago, as the kingdom of Atlantis gradually declined, the gods decided to destroy the entire city with a violent earthquake and tsunami. However, it is hard to believe that this structure can survive such a huge natural disaster.

Up to now, there have been many scientific theories about the origin of the 200,000-year-old ancient city that has just been excavated. However, these theories are not really convincing and have no historical basis.

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