An underground city built by a long-lost highly developed civilization is gradually revealed as the snow melts in Antarctica – Icestech

An underground city built by a long-lost highly developed civilization is gradually revealed as the snow melts in Antarctica

The dome has sides that are 25 feet tall and a circumference of 150 feet. Around the dome, there are several мคห-made objects, structures, and people can be observed. The ufologist continues by claiming that a military base or port may be seen in front of the dome in addition to an entry to a subterranean metropolis.

There is a hexagonal structure, but I’m afraid I can’t see all of its intricate details.

According to Scott Warring, this structure is related to the following passage from the book “The Lost City of Antarctica, Civilizations of the Ancient World”:

According to the researchers, satellite imagery “reveals indications of a massive Paleocene civilisation thriving beneath the ice of Antarctica, including “intelligently-made buildings.”

A sophisticated civilization’s infrastructure may have existed on the Antarctic continent approximately 55.5 million years ago and may have been inhabited for 300,000 years or more, according to an analysis of the isotopic record from ice cores from the Paleogene and Neogene geologic eras.

So, might that picture of a dome point to a potential underground city built by an advanced civilisation or alien species that inhabited Antarctica millions of years ago?

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