An Ancient Map Of American Published In 1562 Depicts A Mermaid Holding A.. UFO

A mermaid has been spotted clutching an object resembling a flying saucer UFO in a an ancient map.

The map is called Americae Sive Quartae Orbis Partis Nova Et Exactissima Descriptio (A New and Most Exact Description of America or The Fourth Part of the World).

It was made in 1562 by the Spanish cartographer Diego Gutiérrez and the Flemish artist Hieronymus Cock.

The map is the earliest example of a large ‘wall map’ of America and is believed to be the first to feature the name ‘California’.

It features giants as well as barbaric cannibals shown roasting a victim over an open fire.

A view of the entire map. The mermaids can be seen in the bottom left of the chart

We’ve highlighted the two flying saucers in this image taken from the map
But it also show two mermaids clutching objects which look a lot like flying saucers – or one of those ‘pogo balls’ people played with in the 80s and 90s.

A copy of the map is kept by the Library of Congress.

Here’s what it said about the chart: ‘The map provides a richly illustrated view of an America filled with images and names that had been popularised in Europe following Columbus’s 1492 voyage of discovery. Images of parrots, monkeys, mermaids, fearsome sea creatures, cannibals, Patagonian giants, and an erupting volcano in central Mexico complement the numerous settlements, rivers, mountains, and capes named.’

Sadly, it did not indicate why the mermaids might be holding a UFO – which means this ancient mystery remains officially unsolved. Source:

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