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A Mysterious Alien-Hunting Robot was Sent Under Antarctica’s Ice by NASA

NASA is testing a submersible robot beneath Antarctica’s sea ice. in search of alien life If the robot is successful, it may one day be deployed to study strange seas on other planets.
This robot is one of a kind because it can dig through the ice and detect life at any depth. Given that Antarctica has 90% of the world’s ice, this robot has a lot of work ahead of it.

I’d like to remind you that in 1938, Hitler launched an expedition to Antarctica in search of ancient riches that he believes have incredible capabilities.

The 33-member team is said to include scientists, military professionals, construction crews, and prominent members of the Thule Group, an elite society linked with the Nazis that specialized in mysticism and the occult.

The Thule Society believed that there were mystics or conduits who could communicate with these beings who claimed to be extraterrestrial in origin or members of a civilisation that lived deep inside the Earth’s core.
They also supplied a plethora of information on the development of advanced aviation vehicles, such as flying saucers.
It indicates that there is an ancient civilization or places in Antarctica where they may find some of this astounding technology.
They stumbled into gigantic, highly sophisticated cities. These structures were not just visible on the surface. They plunged into the earth’s depths.
Is this what NASA is looking for right now?

If this study is successful, NASA intends to send this robot to Europa, Jupiter’s Moon, which has oceans of salty water beneath the ice that might house extraterrestrial life.

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