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After The Death Of His Owners, Boxer Dog Was Left In A Miserable State, Living On The Streets For 2 Years

Dogs are one among the foremost loving and constant animals, they’re going to stick with their owners, giving them their unconditional loyalty. this is often why, when their owners, pets are truly devastated.

This is the drama of a 12-year-old puppy named Guizmo. He lived together with his family for years, but gradually fate struck him in the most painful way. Years ago, his owner died, and her devastated husband followed her for two years. Therefore, her children were taken in by a cousin of the family in another city far away from home, but the poor puppy was left homeless.

After wandering alone within the street and always hanging around the place where he was once happy, Guizmo ended up in a deplorable state.

His condition, two years after his owner’s death, has become so painful that the residents of Molinel’s neighborhood recognize him on the road and call him a “skeleton with legs”.

“Every time I see it, I buy tears in my eyes, it hurts Guizmo to ascertain it. It’s just skin and bones, it’s a deaf skeleton then blind”, laments a neighbor.

When they contacted the family cousin, he never revealed why they didn’t send him to a shelter, leaving him on his own. He assured them that although the youngsters are his priority, he comes back every morning to feed and drink them.

He said he tried to require him away, but he always ended up doing the deed and going back to his old home.

“I can’t look out for him anymore. I feel he’s happier here than in a shelter, locked in a cage all day. a minimum of there, he enjoys nature. My cousin’s children also come to go to him once they can”, said the person.

However, the family member’s statements aren’t shared in the least with the neighbors, who claim he’s lying. And now, alarmed, they need to ask the police to intervene and have contacted an area veterinarian to attend to the dog.

Guizmo can routinely be found on the road begging people for crumbs. Or eventually in his former home, as if expecting his owner’s return.

Down and sad, he can’t recover from the death of his owner.

Some neighbors alternate bringing him food and hugging him, but they see that the dog’s condition is getting worse, probably due to the sadness consuming him.

“He doesn’t even have the strength to bark anymore … albeit he was during a cage, there would be a person’s presence, he would enjoy walks several times each day and also get hugs”, said a neighbor of the thought that he would ultimately be happier during a municipal shelter.

Since the case went viral, the networks didn’t take long to react indignantly. “How sad! Why wait for goodbye to assist him already seeing him in such a sorry state? … posing for help after two years … Unacceptable!”, Wrote one user.

“In the afternoon they remembered the poor animal, it’s within the bones, why did nobody bothers to feed it? This shows the indifference to the pain of others that affects this society, they’re dead, but of the soul!”, Another internet user condemned.

Now the neighbors hope that the animal rescue organization LPA of Roubaix, which has appropriated the case, will give poor Guizmo another chance.

Spread this news to assist raise awareness, it’s necessary that the citizenry have more empathy for the pain of innocent animals, it’s very sad to understand that there’s such a lot of indolence within the world. So let’s not complain about everything that happens to us.

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