Abused cow was finally rescued and kept crying til she saw the next rescue Van – Icestech

Abused cow was finally rescued and kept crying til she saw the next rescue Van

If life has taught us anything, it’s the maternal instinct is strong, regardless of the species. When animals are separated from offspring, they often show signs of distress— characteristics The Gentle Barn noticed in a recent rescue cow named Karma.

According to The Gentle Barn website, Karma had been rescued from an animal cruelty case where she had no food, water or shelter.

Karma was rescued by an animal sanctuary, but the rescuers were shocked to see her cry all night.

The sulking and agonizing cries went on for days. The rescuers finally noticed the dripping milk and realized that the cow was separated from her calf. They questioned the previous owner, who confessed that Karma had just given birth before being rescued.

“The guy didn’t tell us she had a baby there. When she came in, we couldn’t tell. But now, she’s really upset and calling for him.”

Karma’s previous owners had hidden the calf from the workers, so they could sell him for a profit. The weak calf kept collapsing because of stress and malnourishment. The rescuers went to great lengths to convince him to give up the calf.

Abrupt and early weaning is distressing for both calf and cow, Daniel Weary, an applied animal biologist, told Wired: “The calves will engage in repetitive crying and become more active, and sometimes you’ll see a decline in their willingness to eat solid food.”

In the rescue’s touching footage, you see the exact moment Karma is reunited with her baby, Mr. Rojas.

The instant the trailer pulls into the driveway, a hopeful Karma jump to her feet. The distressed mama lets out loud cries, hoping her missing baby will respond from the truck. When a worker leads the starving and fatigued calf out the back doors, she lets out a guttural cry.

You’ll have to see it for yourself to understand the feelings behind Karma’s bewildered tears of joy! What a happy mother-child reunion!

The animals’ emotions are so evident and genuine, it’s hard not to be touched. In a tribute on their website, The Gentle Barn wrote: “Karma taught us that cows celebrate birth, mourn birth, and love each other just as we do.”
Click the video below to watch the touching reunion between Karma and her calf!

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