A Strange 2-kilometer-high “monolith” Discovered On Mercury

A video has recently been published that could provide evidence of the existence of a large alien monolith on the planet Mercury

Back in 2012, the U₣❍ Sightings Daily website indicated that the images on which this graphic document is based, taken by NASA’s Messenger probe in March of the previous year, showed that this structure was a “door to another world”.

In the recording, SecureTeam10 ‘s “alien hunter” , Tyler Glockner, does not support this theory, although he does acknowledge that it is “a large rectangular structure” in which the upper and frontal areas “are illuminated by the Sun”, while the back does not receive light.

Zooming in on the image, Glockner adds that this object, “whatever it is, is likely to be miles tall.”

“I took a great photo that made it clear to me… that this is not an open door for everyone. In fact, it is something much more magnificent. It is a shadow… but where does the shadow come from?

Dear friends, the rectangular object is a monolithic structure with an imposing appearance on the surface.»

Many are convinced that the image presented by NASA actually describes a permanent structure on the surface of Mercury.

Glockner believes that due to the tilt of the shadow due to the Sun, it determines the black rectangle which is actually a shadow of a permanent structure on the surface.

According to data collected by the Messenger spacecraft , Mercury is a hot planet, but it also has water and organic material present on its surface. Interestingly enough, the amount of water on the planet is enough to cover Washington DC in ice.

According to scientists, Mercury is believed to have its own dose of organic material, which compared to it is similar to what was present on our planet at the time of the creation of life, millions of years ago. Incredibly, this material, according to scientists, represented the building blocks of life.

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