A new theory suggests that aliens are trans-dimensional entities capable of traveling with light. – Icestech

A new theory suggests that aliens are trans-dimensional entities capable of traveling with light.

Could trans-dimensional entities with the ability to travel with light be aliens? The new idea offers an alternate interpretation of aliens based on data supported by quantum scientific research.

Andrew Collins, a writer and scientist, has spent decades studying human origins. In his book, Origins of the Gods, he claims that aliens are really trans-dimensional beings.

Collins claims that there is a fairly straightforward explanation for UFOs and alien activity. During his studies, he came to the conclusion that UFOs are not actual spacecraft, contrary to what is now believed by humans. Something more intricate exists.

The most important thing is that there is a link in some way between UFOs and awareness in general. In the sense that those who saw this phenomenon were intimately or closely connected to it.

By his thorough examination and his understanding of quantum and theoretical physics, Collins made his unconventional claim about what UFOs and aliens are.

According to the study, many UFOs could be made entirely of solid light. Plasma, which makes up 99.9% of the cosmos, is its primary component.

You should be aware that atoms are really divided to create plasma. Thus, liberated electrons produce light photons. Everything then turns into pure light.

As was recently found, light appears to interact intelligently. Plasma can hold the so-called proto-intelligence, which has the ability to briefly occupy plasma surroundings, according to physicist-theorists. Plasma has the potential to contain a different space-time dimension and act as a gateway to higher dimensions.

“It is quite plausible that we live inside of some sort of energy construct if this were true and if we were able to perform the so-called proto-intelligence that David Bohm was discussing at the time.”

The intelligences connected to space plasma are what we refer to as trans-spatial beings since they may affect space-time in three dimensions while being outside of this multidimensional setting.

David Bohm and other theoretical physicists discovered that plasma might contain environments that appeared to be alive. These proto-intelligent environments would inhabit plasma environments temporarily and would emerge from what he called the implicate order.

Recent research has revealed that plasma itself may include an additional spatial dimension. Plasma itself could function as a gateway to extradimensional worlds.

Collins also discusses the nonverbal communication that frequently takes place when people interact with transdimensional beings. This is based on the concept of quantum entanglement, which states that despite their physical separation, these particles can still be coupled.

In plasma conditions, certain brain particles might have identical counterparts. This generates some resonance through the link that was already in place at the time of contact.

These trans-spatial beings could be able to communicate with us as well as direct us in specific circumstances. which has most likely been ongoing for a while.

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