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A Golden Retriever Dog, A Hamster And 8 Birds Are The Most Unusual Best Friends Ever (20 Pics)

Friendship is sometimes hard to define. It’s invisible but powerful. It can beat all the odds in this world and warm up the coldest souls.

This pure and beautiful bond is not only built among humans but is also found in animals. Different species can have a special affection for one another, living in harmony together.

They find love and comfort in the cuddles of their friends.

Meet Bob, an adorable Golden Retriever that lives in Brazil with his 9 best friends; 8 birds and one hamster to be exact. Bob likes to share pictures of himself and his friends on Facebook and Instagram

That’s the case of the oddest and cutest gang in this story. A gentle, friendly golden retriever considers a cute tiny hamster and 8 playful birds as his siblings. They live happily under the same roof as their humans.

Bob’s owner has done such a magnificent job raising them together, check out their adorable pictures below.

Bob has taken to being a protective gentle giant to his nine tiny friends. He gets excited about taking care of and protecting his nine tiny buddies. He loves spending time walking, playing, and sleeping. They get along so well.

Just look at their photos and you may find peace in your soul. They’re pure and beautiful.

The close pack makes humans admire it. Friendship comes in all shapes and sizes. It blossoms when we are kind and nice to each other. There is no barrier that prevents us from making friends with our friends.

Hitch a ride on his brother’s nose.

Most comfortable pillow on the planet.

Let me sleep a while, bros!

Blanket is also shared.

You can sleep in any place that you like.

This gang keeps sitting on my neck.

Let’s take a nap together!

All Image Credits: Instagram/@bob_goldenretriever

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