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A Fawn Appears In Front Of The Door Of His House Trying To Communicate

It’s not unusual to be startled by a cat or a puppy, but when a deer appears at the door and makes the sweetest noises, it’s undeniably beautiful.

And, while the animal realm never fails to astonish us, not everyone is fortunate enough to have an unexpected visitor who emerges from its natural environment to study the places around its home.


This was recently witnessed by Corey S, a Maple Ridge, British Columbia resident, who had the opportunity to connect with a little deer who came to his door.
Corey seemed to be used to these types of encounters, as he handled the lovely little animal’s visit with ease.

Fortunately, he captured the chance meeting, which shows the small animal making charming sounds while glancing at him. Corey had the following to say about it:

“I was inside when I heard a strange noise, and when I eventually opened the door, it caught me off guard… The day before, two fawns had been born, so this small one was roughly 28 hours old…

Mom knew we were there when they were born, and the infants saw and scented us as they learned to stand… “I suppose the infant felt at ease with us.”

The video shows the cute little animal making little noises, as if he’s trying to connect with Corey, who speaks to him when he’s right in front of him.

Because the fawn is so young, it still relies on its mother to survive; the white spots on its body signal that it has little to be born, and they also assist it to distinguish itself from its surroundings, as they are quite vulnerable.

If you’re wondering how it got to Corey’s porch without being observed by predators, it’s because fawns don’t have an odor when they’re born, thus they go unnoticed by other animals.

In general, moms go out in search of food for their children and avoid exposing them; nonetheless, it’s probable that our little protagonist took advantage of his mother’s absence to go out and roam about.

Mothers typically return at dawn or dusk to nurse or relocate their babies. Residents of Maple Ridge are likely to encounter little fawns in their backyards, thus it is not suggested that you transport them to other regions or attempt to catch them to keep as pets. They’re simply waiting for their mothers to return.

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