Meet Tora: The Trucker Cat Who Explores the US with Her Human

Tora is a one-year-old Scottish Straight cat, and her favorite place is a passenger seat in her owner truck. So far, she and David Durst have visited 43 states, and they are documented on Instagram.

David, 24, had difficulties when he tried to adopt a cat because the agencies thought that a truck is not a good place for the kitty to live. He was ready to give up, but then a breeder sent him a photo an eight-week-old kitten.

He knew right away that he had found what he was looking for, a trusted travel companion.

Tora The Trucker Cat Instagram page has over 12,700 followers.

David says: ‘We got Tora when she was just eight weeks old and hit the road just three days later. ‘She was the bravest little kitten I’ve ever seen and took to the truck instantly. She loved looking out the window and taking in all the new sights. It was an instant fit.’

A new adventure every day.

A new adventure every day.
David Durst / SWNS

Dave said he is amazed by the wonderful reception Tora got on social media. And they didn’t make just online friends, but plenty of real-life buddies too. These two friends have visited so many states, and they plan to visit the remaining five continental states by the end of this year. David added: “Tora loves to get out of the truck and explore, especially in big cities!”

Tora as a baby.

Tora as a baby.
David Durst / SWNS

“My favorite memory with Tora isn’t one of the many places we’ve been or one of the things we’ve seen together, it’s actually the first time she walked confidently on a leash. ‘Getting a cat used to walking on a leash is a daunting task on its own, add in the loud sounds of a truck stop and for some it becomes impossible. ‘We were at a truck stop in Zuber, Florida, three weeks into having Tora on the road and took her outside to do some daily harness training.”

As soon as the kitty stepped down, she started to explore, and Dave ended up waiting two hours for Tora to get tired and sit down. “That day was a big step towards all of the adventures the future held,” he said.

Winter can be harsh in some states.

Winter can be harsh in some states.
David Durst / SWNS

Tora’s litter box is in the sleeper of the cab, and it is cleaned out twice daily. ‘This is the question we get asked the most by far,’ joked David.

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