Dog Mysteriously Found Late Owner’s Grave And Travelled There Daily

When you’re gone, your family members aren’t the only ones who miss you. Your dogs will miss you too. You should know that the love connecting animals and their owners is incredible. Even after the owners or the pets pass away, it still lives on no matter what.
In this post, we’d like to tell you the touching story of Fulmine and his owner, Leonardo.
Sara Sechi

They had been living happily together for seven years in the countryside of Italy, until Leonardo fell in. He was taken to the local hospital and couldn’t take care of his dear boy. Fulmine was missing him, a lot. According to Leonardo’s daughter Sara Sechi, Fulmine always rushed to the gate each time a car appeared.

Sara Sechi

Last month, when the situation got worse, the poor man couldn’t make it. He went away without being able to say goodbye to his four-legged companion. And for two days, the little dog seemed to disappear confusingly. Nobody knew where he ran to.

It was Sara who found Fulmine. The day after the funeral, the woman and her son went to the village cemetery to put more flowers on Leonardo’s grave, just to find the small brown dog lying right there.

Sara Sechi

Fulmine stayed there for a long time, and then decided to get back on his feet and go back to that doghouse that Leonardo had placed for him. But he was still quite sad and didn’t want to eat.

Sara Sechi

It was not Fulmine’s last visit. In the following days, their neighbours insisted that they often saw the dog going to the cemetery. Apparently, Fulmine travelled there by himself daily to visit his late friend.

The cemetery is located about two kilometres from his house and no one had ever told the dog how to reach it. Yet, Fulmine still managed to find his Leonardo again.

Sara Sechi
Sara Sechi
Sara has taken Fulmine home with her to take better care of him. And surely Leonardo will still live in their hearts, forever.
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