5,000-year-old pub discovered in Iraq

A team of archaeologists has discovered an ancient wine dating to around 2700 BC buried in soil just 48 centimeters deep in the Iraqi city of Lagash.

Archaeologists have discovered what used to be a pub 5,000 years ago.
Archaeologists have just discovered that the word “gram” is a kind of wine from 5,000 years ago. (Photo: Lagash Archaeological Project).

Các nhà nghiên cứu có mặt tại Lagash, Iraq.
The newly discovered pub was designed as an outdoor restaurant and a room with benches, a stove, the remains of ancient food and a “fridge”, archaeologists said. “According to CNN, it’s 5,000 years old.

Reed Goodmaп, an archaeologist at the University of Pennsylvania, said that at first they only saw a large area, which was difficult to excavate. When returning here at the end of 2022, the archaeological team found a broken object that fell from the stove, an ancient “refrigerator”, dozens of bowls of this shape, many of which contained fish bones. The archaeological team believes that this is an outdoor dining area for ancient wine.

The wine was discovered in Lagash (also known as the town of al-Hiba), one of the oldest and largest cities in the ancient south of Hanoi. It is also a popular archaeological site.

Các nhà khảo cổ vừa phát hiện được nơi từng là quán rượu từ 5.000 năm trước.

According to Holly Pittmaп, head of the Lagash Archaeological Project, most of the archaeological activity in the past has been to understand religious buildings and flowers. Now she’s focusing on recently excavated settlements to better understand the ancient city.

The discovery of alcohol supports the idea of Lady Pitmar’s group that ancient societies had people who belonged to the upper classes in addition to the elite and slaves.

“Right here, there’s something to tell us about the city’s richer history,” Mrs Pitema said.

In recent years, scientists have applied modern techniques to the excavation process, to images taken by drones or to magnetometer records. They also studied sediment samples at a depth of 25 meters to better understand Lagash’s geological development.

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