4 Extraterrestrial races that visit Earth and their purpose

Possibly one of the most interesting question is that how would advanced alien civilisations react to our society if we ever managed to contact with interstellar extraterrestrial beings , and what would their purpose be with humanity. Visitors originating from the stars are believed to have technology beyond our comprehension.

Some of these alien species may want us to disappear from the universe as a species, but other beings might use their technology for good and possibly bring a new golden era for the human race.

However, the same force could be used in order to totally and completely destroy our planet or even to dominate the entire human race. After gathering all the different experiences and stories about alien sightings and abductions, as well as the historical evidence of space travelers and unexplained events, researchers have concluded that we are truly having visitors from beyond, it is possible that multiple races to of extraterrestrial beings intend to establish contact with us.

The motive that drives this great variety of visitors could be related to our sun being one of the closest stars in light years, which motivates the travelers of the universe to pass through our solar system in order to use the Sun as a power source, while Extraterrestrial species with less respectful purposes may be on the way to our planet.

It is from this research that experts in extraterrestrial affairs have reached the conclusion that there are at least 4 extraterrestrial species with the potential to do us harm, or even to enslave us. These four races were named as the Anunnaki, the Draconians, the Reptilians, and the tall Grays.

The Anunnaki


They are the beings that live on an unobservable planet called  “Planet X” that several researchers speculate is in a very remote place of our solar system and is not be visible because it is extremely small to be detected. The most accepted present theory in relation to the purpose of the Anunnaki is gold.

It is believed that they created the inhabitants of the earth about half a million years ago with the purpose of extracting gold and other minerals. This could be the evidence of a complete and hard work in genetic science and in fecundation-virto. If this hypothesis is true, then they might visit earth today, ruling or hindering humanity as they see fit.

The Draconians


as the name says, these are reptile creatures that are up to 4 to 6 metres tall and weigh up to 900 kilos. They have enormous coverage in order to protect their skin from attacks, while the strong ones have wings that allow them to travel very fast.

Researchers suggest that draconians were one of the first species to make interstellar travel and have since been able to hinder the evolution of other cultures and prevent them from achieving the same level of technology and knowledge.

We are faced with a warlike civilization that reproduces itself through eggs and the use of hormones to hasten the birth process and secure brave warriors.

Because of their cold-blooded nature, these reptiles are able to live underground and thrive in the most remote parts of the Arctic and Antarctic. They think that they are the only important civilization and that they are the only ones that should prosper.


These reptilians are thought to come from the Earth and have a long history of positive and evil influences on humans, one of their greatest purpose is believed to be to use us as a kind of resource.

It is speculated that some celebrities in social places with much power or even the highest categories of government are used as their human puppets in order to dominate the world from the shadows. They live at an enormous depth near the core of the Earth.

The Grays


They are very often related to UFO sightings and reports of extraterrestrial abduction. As shown in television and other mass media, they are y’all and have no hair, are usually pale, creatures that have managed to advance much in technology which enables them to travel through deep space.

They have great skills in genetic engineering, and are the creators of the small grays of short stature, a small version of the tall grays, manipulated to be used in kidnappings and other secret operations.

They are said to possess mind control techniques that explain why they can mobilize freely without witnesses most of the time on Earth. They are super advanced in the domain of technology means they could be from this solar system or from the deepest part of our galaxy.

They see humanity as a resource and nothing more and should be feared, and they will not think twice before using the most aberrant experiments on us.

Have you heard about any other alien species? if yes,then please tell us in the comment section.

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