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15 Inch Long Nephilim Finger Could Be Evidence of the Existence of Ancient Giants

Back in 2012, the German news outlet Bild.de wrote about a strange find in Egypt. There, during excavations, a giant 38-centimeter (15 in) mummified, presumably human finger was discovered.

The publication wrote that the finger was discovered back in 1988.

In a pyramid a hundred kilometers northeast of Cairo, the finger was discovered by a Swiss entrepreneur and explorer Gregor Spörri. The author of the find says that the finger was wrapped in old rags.

“I was completely amazed when I saw this dark brown finger!” – Spörri shared his impressions with the German news outlet.

According to him, he was even allowed to take it in his hands and take some pictures, but, despite all the pleas, he was forbidden to take the find for further study.

The owner of the giant finger was, according to Gregor Spörri, a grave robber that acquired the piece while searching through an undisclosed thumb” in Egypt.

A scientist even wanted to buy the finger from the owner and made a good offer, but the owner said that he would not sell it.

Researchers believe it had to belong to a creäture that was over 5 meters in height. Only a few people got to take images of this incredible artifact in 1988.

An X-ray of the finger was made

In an interview with BILD.de, Spörri stated: “It was an oblong package, smelled musty,” Spörri said when he told his story to the public in 2012.

“I was totally flabbergasted when I saw the dark brown giant finger. I was allowed to take it in hand and also to take pictures. A bill was put next to it to get a size comparison. The bent finger was split open and covered with dried mold.”

Since 1988, Spörri tried to show his photos to scientists, but they did not take them seriously or did not believe in their authenticity. When in 2009 he decided to return to the place where the finger was found to provide researchers with the original, he was unable to find local people that accompanied him to the pyramid.

The old man who allowed Spörri to take pictures of the giant finger had vanished and with him all traces of the mysterious finger that has scientists and researchers scratching their heads.

It is not known whether the finger is genuine, or is it a skillful dummy, but, one way or another, history has preserved for posterity evidence that giants could indeed have lived on the territory of modern Egypt.

Roman historian Flavius ​​Josephus in 79 AD e., describing the history of European wars, he said that giants took part in them, exceeding the growth of ordinary people and differing in proportions.

So huge that they inspired horror, and those who did not see them with their own eyes could not believe that they were as large as eyewitnesses described them.

Is this proof enough to conclusively conclude that giants really walked the Earth in the distant past? And that the mysterious giant footprints found in various places on Earth are real?

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