Unidentified glowing object was discovered underwater off the coast of Miami, USA

An unknown underwater object glowing green was under the surface of the water. As it moved, the object glowed green and changed shape.

This unusual incident occurred on May 29, 2021.

At night, the flight of an unidentified space object was observed over the city of Bournemouth, which did not fall, but flew over the ground along a gentle trajectory.

At the Durleston Astronomical Center and the International Meteor Organization, they examined the videos and reported:

“After a deeper analysis of the video, we doubt that this object is a meteorite. The object’s flight parameters indicate that it came from space, but it does not correspond to how meteorites behave. It is possible that this event was the fall of some kind of space debris. We are studying this issue, but at the moment we have no additional information. ”

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