UFO has asymmetrical blue-red tail and head and looks like an octopus entering Earth’s atmosphere

Private space business SpaceX captured this image of a UFO or asteroid, which looks like a fireball, approaching Earth’s atmosphere. A well-known corporation attempting to pave the path for the colonization of Mars and other worlds.

Ufologists all around the world believe that Ilona Mask’s company is withholding vital information from the general public. Ufologists are adamant that such a powerful corporation has yet to establish contact with extraterrestrial civilizations.

However, the intriguing image supplied by SpaceX depicts an object entering the Earth’s atmosphere. It may appear to be an asteroid at first glance, but researchers swiftly disproved this idea.

The weird thing resembled a metallic octopus with intense orange hues in the middle, with a blue-red tail and asymmetrical head. Is it possible that in May, an alien craft мคหned by “green men” will fly over our planet?

Is it possible that that was SpaceX themselves returning from space? мคหy conspiracy theorists claim that SpaceX is only a front for the US government’s extraterrestrial research program.

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