UFO appeared suddenly in mid-air with blue lasers shooting all over the city

Hold on to your hats, because I’m about to take them for a spin. Take a good look at this UFO – it’s a green laser, but there’s a UFO nearby, and the green laser has a round ball on its upper part… That is something to look into.

Take, for example, the eyewitness’ claim that this is a drone; it’s a strange way to describe what you believe is a UFO, don’t you think? If I actually filmed what I thought was a UFO, I’d call it a UFO! I don’t think I’d call it a drone. Unless it’s a clever way to get away from the thing when it’s later revealed to be a hoax?

Some people ask me, “What do they want, and why are they here?” I have to say that I believe they’ve been here for a while and are most likely in the role of “just watching, observing, surveillance, recording, studying, watching, and taking it all down.”

Consider the underlying point of all UFO sightings: they are always just beyond the reach of what is considered contact. They appear to be constantly coming out of or going inside clouds. They’re always a little too fast for Jets, and мคหy people see them but can’t identify them in a police line-up. They’re constantly passing by the ISS in such a way that any evidence we have has never provided conclusive proof.

Then there’s the infamous hazy UFO evidence.

That has to be the pinnacle of all frustrated evidence. I believe we see exactly what they want us to see, and I don’t believe it was by chance that the UFO videos released by the US government only showed us a cat and mouse scenario.

Maybe, just maybe, that’s all they (the US government) have? Although it’s highly unlikely that it’s all they have, we have a duty to consider all possibilities, regardless of how much we don’t believe it, because it’s the answers we’re looking for.

Lee Lewis: Objective reasoning, questioning, and answering as we go until the one piece of irrefutable evidence is staring us in the face!

Take this UFO video for what it is: a highly improbable case of “hoaxing for the sake of hoaxing by hoaxers who aren’t actually or technically lying because of the wording.”

Many UFO researchers won’t even touch this story because they can’t bring themselves to comment on something they’ve already dismissed as a hoax.

Whereas I, on the other hand…

I honestly don’t think my skepticism should stop me from grabbing it by the scruff of the pants and throwing it out there for people to see and decide whether they want to believe it or not. I must admit, however, that I feel compelled to do so because there is always the possibility (however remote) that this is a genuine UFO incident with unprecedented laser activity. Even if it is only a small percentage, it is still a percentage, and as such, it must be treated in the same мคหner as all other UFO sightings.

Is this “Drone” (eyewitness terminology, not mine) attempting to blend in with the legitimate sightings in order to sit side by side with the probable UFO evidence, in a sense hiding with the real evidence?

Is it real? Most likely not.

The following is a quote:

A green laser beaming into the sky over Milton Keynes was captured on camera last night (Thursday, September 24), prompting some to compare it to a UFO sighting.

At around 10 p.m., the laser was reportedly active in the Kingston area of town. As of yet, it is unknown who or what was responsible, but some people have given their version of events. The incident was captured on video by Tom Marvin of Broughton. He stated:

“It first caught our attention as the beam shone through our bedroom window and it was really bright. My first thought was that it was a search light from a police helicopter but, after seeing the light shine as high into the sky as we could see, we knew it wasn’t. “When we looked again we thought it was a huge UFO-shaped drone going up and down through the beam. This drone let off another beam which was shining in all different directions.”

So, take this UFO video however you must or want to take it, but for the first т¡мe – can you give it the benefit of the doubt and investigate it as I have? It doesn’t matter if it turns out to be a hoax because we’re used to them, but because you’ve looked into it and done some research on it, when you tell people it’s a hoax, you can say “why” it’s a hoax and be confident about it.

Sam Jackson’s YouTube video is credited.

It’s worth noting that there has been a surge in green laser light displays in several UK cities. Coventry, Leicester, and London have all “recently” hosted мคหy Laser demonstrations of what appears to be the world’s most powerful laser light by Mat Lawrence/Kvant Lasers.

By the way, there is no authority on this, no definitive answer to this “as of now UFO video,” and no facts as of today, Saturday, April 10, 2021.

Don’t be discouraged, though, because I’ve only described about 80 or 90 percent of all Ufology sightings.

Even if someone grabs the Bull by the horns and claims it’s a determined definite fake or that it’s already been debunked – ignore it because anyone can admit to faking it. People in the United States routinely admit to murders they did not commit, so ignore the rhetorical nonsense and do your own research because that is the best way I know of finding answers!

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