UFO appeared right next to the ISS from nowhere: NASA never pursued it?

This UFO is massive, and I can’t emphasize that enough; it’s been described as towering over the Earth like a Darth Vader Death Star or some strange space penthouse with a balcony from which you can gaze out over the Earth.

You’d think that if a UFO was discovered at the International Space Station, all of the major news TV channels would be contacted and would provide live coverage?

But nothing is being done! Instead, NASA has received military orders to cut the live feed and display a screen stating that we are experiencing technical difficulties. Isn’t this “technical difficulties” a sign that a TV signal is being broadcast… I believe you’ll discover a cover-up or, at the very least, collusion.

That is the size of this thing. It’s a blue-ish color that appears seemingly out of nowhere. It’s a gradual event in which the blue-like object appears out of nowhere, surrounded by what can only be described as a plasma-like gas. It has the shape of a half moon or crescent, and it has hard lines rather than just a curve. NASA’s inquisitive nature never seems to emerge, and they’re never quick to want to look at these thousands and thousands of UFOs.

They are usually passing by the ISS or the ISS cameras spot some UFOs far away but only in the peripheral of the ISS cameras because NASA has never, never, never “not once” pursued it, zoomed into it, or advised people to look at the object. Because it is the ISS live feed and NASA has control over these xameras, they can certainly come on great live feed and advise people to look at the UFO or UFOs? Instead, they always cut the darned live feed!

The following is what the DailyStar had to say about the object:

A mysterious object appears above the planet in a video posted online. The glowing object can be seen in the background of NASA’s live feed, with a blueish hue and a white center. The camera zooms in, revealing its frightening size as it towers over the planet.

It’s not a joke; it’s a straight-up cover-up, and they deny our birth rights. We humans, all humanity, have a right to know if UFOs are in low Earth orbit, approaching Earth, or, better yet, leaving Earth. Perhaps they should make a stop at a customs station…

That may sound insane, but not long ago, people were locked up for discussing UFOs and humans living in space, among other things.

In fact, a prominent mainstream media newspaper had to issue an apology for a long-ago attack on a person’s beliefs about humans one day going to the Moon and living in space. This newspaper published a retraction, and they even apologized, saying how unfortunate it was that the newspaper editors at the time didn’t have this guy’s same w isdom, foresight, and obvious grasp of where humans were headed.

So, talking about space, talking about aliens, including your thoughts and opinions on where you see humanity in the next 50 or 100 years is perfectly fine, and you’ll be relieved to know that there is no wrong answer.

As a result, I believe this is friendly (maybe lol) because the International Space Station is still here, implying that the meeting went well – otherwise, the International Space Station would be a memory and NASA would be telling everyone that a meteor or comet strike or even a man-made accident occurred? Anything but the truth, you say? It’s beyond me why the truth is never told… oh yeah, after thinking about it, it’s because of funding, investment, public image, public confidence, and even shares. Because NASA is a government agency, I’m generalizing with these few remarks.

Why on earth does NASA always cut the feed?

Why does NASA cut the feed but let us see a tantalising little bit of the Alien UFO?

Why does NASA think we’re stupid and nobody saw the uncloaking and then they cut the feed?

Anyways guy’s, if you know me and if you read my blogs often then you’ll know that I can xhat for days, lol. But, thank you so much for reading my posts, cheers it means a lot.

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