The wave of UFOs with Humanoid Troops in white military uniforms witnessed during the Civil War

The second world war, I lately encountered a newspaper report from 1863 that described a strange discovery of UFO armadas accompanied by armies of humanoids in white attires observed by several in the South– during the United State Civil Battle.

A Curious Tale

In a Civil War magazine released in New York, a tale of high unfamiliarity unfolded on an attractive, clear day of Oct 1, 1863. This is according to the Aerial Phenomena Research Study Organization (APRO), a group that clinically investigated UFO sightings from 1952 to 1988.

The tale, experienced by civilians and also soldiers alike informed of a macabre army that relatively showed up from unidentified objects overhead. No one that witnessed the event acted to have a service to the secret; yet it was recommended by some to be a visual fallacy, audio familiar? This is the same description the Government, today, supplies for an abrupt wave of UFOs.

The odd events of 1863 were seen a couple of miles west of Lewisburg, Greenbrier County, Va. The initial person to see the first armada of UFOs that preceded the macabre soldiers was Mr. Moses Dwyer, who took place to be seated on his deck at 3 p.m. with others who likewise observed the complying with.

Tremendous Varieties Of Door-Shaped Objects

“Just over and via the tops of the trees on the nearby hills, to the south, tremendous varieties of rolls, appearing like cotton or smoke, evidently the size and shape of doors, seem to be passing swiftly through the air, yet in attractive order and regularity,” Mr. Dwyer stated.The door-shaped things were tinged with light environment-friendly, so regarding appear like a border of deep edge, witnesses reported. There were thousands of them. It took an hour for all of them to fly by. Yet, after they zipped, the high strangeness of the afternoon started to intensify to the next level:

A Peculiar Military in White Unexpectedly Shows Up

“In the deep valley below, thousand upon hundred of what seemed human men came in view, taking a trip parallel as the [UFOs] marching in good order, some thirty of forty extensive, rising the nearly impossible hills contrary, and also had the stoop peculiar to men ascending a high mountain,” eyewitnesses testified.

“There seemed to be a fantastic range in the size of the men; some were huge, whilst others were quite little. Their arms, legs, and also heads could be clearly seen moving. They seemed to observe rigorous military self-control, as well as there were no stranglers.”

The Color White

“There was uniformity of dress; white shirts or t shirts, with white trousers; they lacked guns, swords, or anything that suggested ‘men of war.’ On they came through the valley as well as over the steep roadway and ultimately losing consciousness of view, in an instructions due north from those that were looking on,” stated the Editor who had witnesses the event.

Final thought

It’s difficult to make a lot of feeling out of this occasion, yet several thoughts come to mind:

It can have been a program of power to the leaders of the North as well as South that there were others that could have a say in the Civil Battle. A warning– if you will– to the powers that be.

The military in white appeared to a modern-day viewers to be robotic, which they might have been– if space beings were exercising a dry run using androids to stop the dreadful massacre of the Civil War.

It can have been some type of dimensional slip from the past or future in some way triggered by the extreme psychic interests of battle that existed throughout the period.

It was some kind of mirage or optical illusion from somewhere or someplace, far, far.

Your conjectures are as good as mine.

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