The secret action of the flock of sheep standing in a concentric circle in the middle of the field

Christopher Hogg from the village of Rottingdeen in East Sussex, UK, was cycling when he saw sheep gathered together.

A 47-year-old мคห says: “April 10th. It was my usual day, I drove up a hill and saw this clear circle in the distance. To be honest, I thought at first that a UFO had landed on the field. ”

“At that moment, I was about a kilometer from that place. I could not figure out what it was. A huge circle with concentric circles inside it. It looked like an alien ship.”



“I drove a little closer and realized that the circle was made of sheep. Rather, this circle was created by the sheep themselves. A large flock of sheep lined up in concentric circles. very clear, I would say – the ideal shape of the circles. ”

Christopher, a professor at Royal Holloway University, drives by this place every day and has seen a flock of sheep here before, but has never seen a sheep behave this way before.

“Sheep are usually noisy. When I drove by before, they always bleated, ran hither and thither, in a disorderly mass. But on this day, when I approached them, there was complete silence. The sheep made no sound. They seemed to be in some kind of trance. It was really creepy. “

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