The Mystery Behind the Ancient Power Transformer in the Rocks of the Kosovo Mountains

He claimed that although it might not seem like something we could make, they are definitely мคห-made as he himself believed that civilizations that dated back to 20,000 years ago had built similar ones too.

This civilization predated humanity and they were far more advanced than us, to say the least. Some believe that this was the ancient Atlantean civilization but that’s beside the point. What really matters here is that this civilization ended up leaving our planet altogether.

This is not the only theory out there though, as the Ancient Astronaut theory also works wonders here, explaining the 20,000-year-old electrical transformer perfectly, to say the least.

The т¡мe traveler paradox also works here as мคหy experts believe that people from the future have т¡мe traveled into the past, effectively changing the future with each trip

For the most part, if you were to look at a device that was released today and give it to someone from the 2000s, they would also see it as alien technology. Now imagine this but with a thousand-year gap. Of course, you’d think this anything from 1,000 years into the future is alien technology.

Regardless, check out the following video and see more theories about this fascinating 20,000-yearold electrical transformer that was discovered somewhere in the Kosovo Mountains.

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