The mysterious 5,000-year-old Vinca figurines are proof that aliens have come to Earth

The Vinca-Turdas civilization spread across Europe, especially in east-south Europe, encompassing modern-day Serbia, Bulgaria, and Transylvania. The findings of carbon dating the unearthed archeological artifacts are astounding: the Vica-Turdas civilization is 4700-5300 years old.

The fact that they knew how to forge copper is remarkable. The Ancient Astronaut Theory has my full endorsement.

It seems clear to me that, like previous ancient civilizations, this one got help from a more sophisticated society, and all indicators point to it being a friendly extraterrestrial culture, or maybe more than one.

Nearly 2000 small sculptures and figurines resembling the little gray aliens were uncovered during excavations outside of Belgrad, Serbia’s capital.

The features of these characters are trapezoidal, with almond eyes, little lips, and noses. мคหy of the sculptures portray strange half-human, half-reptile hybrids, with anthropomorphic grasshoppers among them.

Vinca also invented the world’s first alphabet, which was based on syllables and linear writing, similar to the modern alphabet and writing, and which, as we all know, is a sign of a civilization that has progressed.

Another theory I have is that future humans may have traveled back in т¡мe and influenced some of these ancient cultures, because, as we all know, т¡мe travel is not prohibited by any physical laws, and some scientists have recently made significant progress in developing a mathematical and physical model of т¡мe travel.

The mathematical formulas for т¡мe travel are well-known. I think that in the future, humanity will be obliged to go back in т¡мe to aid some of these early civilizations due to some kind of tragedy, whether it be an environmental disaster, an apocalyptic conflict, or something else.

Look at these Vica figurines and observe how strange they are, as well as how closely they mimic extraterrestrial figures seen in all ancient societies.

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