The alien flying saucer collided and fell right near the alien base on Mars

Supporters of the “alien” theory believe that, on the surface of Mars, there is the appearance of “flying saucers” of aliens.Accordingly, they noticed an image of a giant triangular object on the surface of Mars, and believed that it was the result of the flying saucer crashing and falling.

Image of suspected triangular flying saucer buried on the surface of Mars. Source: SecureTeam10

The followers of this doctrine have provided video proof on their  SecureTeam10/Youtube  channel.

The video narrator says: “There is no doubt that on the surface of Mars there is definitely a triangular object that appears to be distorted and curved by the impact. However, this flying saucer seems to have crashed and fell on the surface of the red planet, right near the alien base. Because, next to the flying saucer is a dome structure, like a fuel supply place for UFOs.

He added that: Even NASA and мคหy other space agencies are planning to build dome-shaped bases on the Moon. So, is the same thing (dome base) present on Mars?

Watch the video: (From minute 6:31)

A suspected flying saucer crashed on Mars. Video: SecureTeam10/Youtube

Dome structure on the surface of Mars. Source: SecureTeam10

Many commenters said that the image containing the flying saucer had incorrect lighting and objects. They think that this is most likely a product of photoshop!

For a long т¡мe, the fact that the existence of UFOs and aliens has attracted a lot of attention from public opinion around the world.

Because there is not yet the most definitive evidence of UFOs and extraterrestrials, people still continue to dissect, learn and speculate about this issue.

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