Russian Troops Supplied by the Latest Generation of Sukhoi Su-30SM2 Fighter Jets

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Posted On November 22, 2022

Russian Troops Supplied by the Latest Generation of Sukhoi Su-30SM2 Fighter Jets

United Aircraft Corporation produces and delivers a number of new Su-30SM2 fighter jets and Yak-130 combat trainers to the Ministry of Defence. This was revealed by the Russian government in a statement released on Monday (21/11/2022).

“The Irkutsk Aviation Plant of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC, part of the state corporation Rostec) has produced and delivered the new Su-30SM2 fighter and Yak-130 combat trainer to the Russian Ministry of Defence,” the statement read.

As TASS reported, the Russian cabinet notes that the Su-30SM2 is an upgrade of the aircraft in service with the Russian Air Force and Russian Navy. “The new aircraft has received advanced onboard radio-electronic equipment. The upgrade, commissioned by the Russian Defense Ministry, has increased the aircraft’s combat capabilities.

In particular, the range of detection and identification of air targets has been increased,” the Russian government explained. Read: Specifications for the Sukhoi Su-34 that hit an apartment in Russia. It is also added that the new fighter jet is capable of carrying out attacks on air, land and sea targets with new smart weᴀponѕ from a distance of several hundred kilometers.

The Yak-130 two-seat combat trainer aircraft is used for basic and advanced training for pilots to learn to operate modern and advanced fighter aircraft, including 4++ and fifth generation fighters.

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