Researcher Vitaly Goh’s unexpected discovery of a strange underground pyramid located in Crimea

These pyramids look to be older than Egypt’s pyramids, which is amazing. In the environs of Sevastopol, the first pyramids were found while looking for water. Goh became aware of something strange under his feet all of a sudden.

When they began digging, they came upon the edge of one of the pyramids. Of course, breaking through layers upon layers of soil necessitated the use of specialized equipment.

As one would assume, the Ukrainian authorities were disinterested in these matters.

The subterranean crew that was in charge of operations grew ill and had to cease working. Shortly after, the press started fabricating false accusations against Vitaly and his team in an effort to discredit the discovery.

Barbed wire ringed the whole territory shortly after that. Authorities seem to have decided to shut down the place since it looks like someone knows too much about what is going on.

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