NASA reports on captured images of Four-legged Dark Alien on Mars

The picture wasn’t edited or altered either, as NASA themselves reported on it and even uploaded it to their official website. The picture was taken by their Opportunity Rover on Mars and as you can see it showcases the fact that there is life on Mars after all.

The question has been going around for ages now as Mars is in fact considered even by NASA to be the planet with the most likely chance of actually having life on it, to begin with.

So, what are we really seeing in this picture? Experts believe that what we’re looking at over here is an animal similar to a typical black bear from our planet although similarities with wolves were also drawn regarding it. What’s certain about it is that it’s not a shadow as you can clearly see the fact that its outline shines through and its protruding legs are clearly defined enough to look “real”.

For the most part, a lot of skeptics tried to say that this is just the dreaded pareidolia effect and that what we’re looking at over here is actually just a shadow cast by some sort of a nearby rock.

This is completely false as the creature, whatever it may be, actually does cast a shadow of its own to the right of itself which proves that it’s there and not just a trick of the light.

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