NASA Live Cam records flaming yellow strange object moving fast in space

Date of sighting: February 1, 2022Location of sighting: International Space StationSource: NASA Live Cam

I was viewing the live feed when I noticed some brilliant golden things passing by. The gold things have a subtle brown, green color to them, giving them a metallic appearance. Some are modest, while others are as large as the International Space Station. At first I thought them to cloud…but never in my life have I seen such clouds.

Then there’s space junk…satellite debris, orbiting rocket wreckage? However, I’ve never seen such technology in action before! Perhaps the astronauts on the International Space Station are dumping pee and waste? Because, as it turns out, NASA spent tens of millions of dollars building a system that recycles all bodily waste and installed it on the space station. So that the astronauts can have fresh drinking water.

I’m not sure how the Russians perceive it, but NASA astronauts don’t have much of a choice. Even still, these things don’t appear to be a waste on camera. However, they appear to fade in and out of view at т¡мes, as if they are inter-dimensional ships orbiting Earth. Future people may well be observing us in our own habitat in order to gain a better understanding of their own past.Taiwan – Scott C. Waring.

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