NASA found the old mining machine 45 meters in diameter on the asteroid Eros

On August 13, 1898, astronomers Carl Gustav Witt in Berlin and Auguste Charlois in Germany discovered it. The NASA spacecraft NEAR Shoemaker landed on its surface in February 2001. (Old Mining Machine on Eros Asteroid)

The probe collected over 160,000 images and identified over 100,000 craters. In this way, the researchers discovered that Eros is a solid object rather than a collection of debris held together by gravity. Their research is critical so that scientists can determine how to best avoid potential consequences in the future.

The strange thing is that in several of the photographs obtained, there are numerous “anomalies” that NASA appears to overlook, dismissing them as simple rocks. Something with a morphology that bears no resemblance to natural structures.

According to NASA, this image of Eros, taken from the NEAR Shoemaker spacecraft on May 1, 2000, at an orbital altitude of 53 kilometers, shows a large rectangular rock 45 meters in diameter.(Old Mining Machine on Eros Asteroid)

But is it a rock, or is it an old mining machine?

Given that data collected from Eros in December 1998 indicates that it may contain 20 billion kilograms of aluminum and similar amounts of metals that are rare on Earth, such as gold and platinum… Is it not possible that the call rock is a mining machine used by an advanced alien civilization to extract all of these valuable metals? Here’s an intriguing JL videoprogram for Unknown World.

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