Mystery as NASA Live Stream shows ‘Fleet of 10 UFOs’ near International Space Station

Images of ten mysterious black objects circling around the International Space Station have been spotted by a star gazer.

Now conspiracy theorists are wondering due to their pattern above the Southern Atlantic Ocean whether they could be UFO ’s which are following the Space Station.

10 objects have been seen close to the International Space Station (Image: xxxxxxxxxxx)

The footage from the NASA live stream show orb-like objects which have caused plenty of discussion among space enthusiasts on social media.

UFO investigator “Mr MBB333” has shared a screenshot taken by the star gazer last Saturday.

Posting it on YouTube he wrote: “This is a screen grab from the International Space Station above the South Atlantic, at around 8.30am.

Conspiracy theorists believe that the objects are UFO’s circling the Space Station (Image: NASA/AFP via Getty Images)

“Ten unknown objects travelling with the space station above the planet Earth.”

Many alien hunters have commented on the images and come up with different theories.

One said: “I just checked the ISS cameras and those little specks are still there.”

Another wrote: “What it looks like to me is there’s a whole bunch of Black Knight probes.”

The Black Knight satellites refer to the famed theory that there is a extraterrestrial spacecraft orbiting the Earth and that NASA is engaged in a cover-up.

But others think it could be some advanced technology used to collect data.

“Air buoys, like sensors measuring data,” one said and another put it: “Or more frequently known as Starlink…”

The images were recorded last Saturday with the Space Station above the Southern Atlantic Ocean (Image: xxxxxxxxxxx)

Last month, truth-seeker Graham spotted several mysterious “orbs” flying past ISS cameras during a live feed, reported the Daily Star.

He captured them on a video and replayed them in slow motion, commenting: “It looked to be perfectly spherical, similar to other UAPs that have been documented and seen throughout the skies of Earth.

“It’s very bright, which could be due to some kind of mechanical lighting or even a plasma.”

The location of discovery was just above the ocean near the western coast of Chile, which he claimed was an area known for being a UFO hotspot.

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